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Dave Neufeld

“It was my privilege to have Tyler on the content team at Everbrave…Tyler is a genuine pleasure to work with. A total team player. Versatile. Self-motivated. Modest. Incredibly open to feedback. And always eager to expand on his skills and knowledge.”

Dave Neufeld

Content Director, Everbrave Branding Group Ltd.
John MacDonald

“Tyler is a complete professional…Tyler completed all tasks assigned to him in a timely manner, was well received by each individual he interviewed, and made meaningful contributions to the business. I would highly recommend him for journalism, copywriting, editing or other creative tasks. He requires minimal management, and can be trusted to do the job right, the first time.”

John MacDonald

Publisher, Business Examiner News Group
Brendan Shaughnessy

“As an employee, Tyler demonstrated a keen understanding of copywriting fundamentals and was always able to meet deadlines and satisfy all assignment requirements. When it came to collaborating with a team and taking criticism, Tyler was always responsive, fair and articulate. Tyler would be an asset to any team and I greatly enjoyed my time working with him.”

Brendan Shaughnessy

Former Growth Marketing Manager, Beanworks by Quadient
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