Portfolio | Tyler Nyquvest | Freelance Writer, Report, Journalist
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Reporting & Journalism

Poetry as meditation: how writing or reading it aloud can improve your mental health and well-being


Sleep better and reduce stress with breathing exercises – they will supercharge your life, and your gym workouts, experts say


How to forgive someone and the health benefits of forgiveness, both mental and physical


How breathwork – ‘meditation on jet fuel’ – helped a cancer survivor overcome her depression and hives


Nostalgia: once considered a disease, why it’s good for us in small doses


How to create happy memories and not forget them: tips to become a ‘memory architect’


For opioid addicts, African psychedelic ibogaine is a last-resort detox drug. Research shows it works, but a legal grey area surrounds its use by clinics


The beauty industry has a plastic problem. Sustainably packaged products do exist – where to find some


Gateway Magazine: Changing Lanes


Life is short; high land costs are forever


Sustainable fitness: the gyms where the energy of human exertions is harnessed to power the machines


Making Modular more than a temporary homeless fix


CBD skincare: ‘sky is the limit’ for hemp extract’s use in US beauty and cosmetic industries after legalization


Legal restrictions constrain Vancouver cannabis tourism operators


Keto and paleo diets: what they leave out might just be what you need – and you may gain weight, not lose it


Vancouver AI company fights fires and faulty tech


A Conversation with Cazzette


Construction Companies get Creative to find Skilled Workers


Profile: Alvaro Prol, co-owner, Blueprint


Canadians in Trumpland: the New Business Reality


Technology helping Corporate Giving to Thrive Online


B.C. Winemaker cultivates Unique Brand Niche


Beanworks by Quadient


Pitched and wrote copy for company blog posts including case studies, customer success stories, product demonstrations and social copy. Examples:


Canadian Seed Growers Association Reduces Its Manual AP Practices

Empower AP with Real-Time Vendor Payment Updates

“Paper invoices were getting lost” – How Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Modernized Accounts Payable

Glacier Media Digital


Wrote creative copy for sponsored content posts that spanned a diverse range of clients and industries. Examples:


Gowling WLG



Association of Fundraising Professionals

Splitrock Environmental


Wrote company employee bios and product descriptions as well as various website copy.



Raw Creatives


Copywriter for various branding and website design projects.



Numinus Welness Inc.


Wrote copy for news releases, press releases, marketing copy and website.