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Below is a snippet of past copywriting projects. My experience is wide-ranging and specific examples or projects are available upon request.


Examples of guides for other industries available upon request.

Client: CTM Design Services LTD.

Purpose: For this project, I was tasked with researching and writing an informative, downloadable guide for CTM Design Services LTD. The guide’s purpose was to inform current and prospective customers about the value and importance of implementing EV charging stations at convenience stores and gas stations.


Examples of blogs for other industries available upon request.

Client: BNA Debt Solutions

Purpose: For Alberta-based insolvency company BNA Debt Solutions, I was assigned many blog assignments that covered debt relief topics, taxes and insolvency all while trying to satisfy the companies renewed brand identity. Each blog post needed to be informative, fact-based and adhere to sensitive wording guidelines as laid out by the industry. However, the blogs needed to be upbeat and positive, taking into mind the audience reading these posts could be in difficult financial positions or they could be general readers interested in learning more.

Sponsored Content

Examples of sponsored content for other industries available upon request.

Client: Glacier Media Digital

Purpose: I wrote sponsored content for several years at Glacier Media Digital. Sponsored content is meant to be sophisticated promotional material that also doubles as authentic company news stories. Topics ranged from breaking news and new product announcements to company growth and developments in any major industry. I researched and wrote sponsored content for innumerable sectors and demonstrated keen journalistic skill fused with savvy copywriting expertise that marketed brands in a nuanced way.

Website Copy

Examples of other website copy assignments available upon request.

Client: Surrey Memorial Hospital

Purpose: For this assignment, I was tasked with creating copy for the entire Surrey Memorial Hospital website. The basic blueprint was provided by the client, and it was my job to fill each copy section with relevant, accurate and brand consistent copy that informed and generated interest. It was also key to provide succinct, easy-to-navigate wording, layout and format for all levels of digital literacy.

Video Scripts

Client: Keg River

Purpose: For this project, I was responsible for writing simplified video scripts for a large package of YouTube Videos on premium sulphur fertilizers and other farming-related topics. These videos explored different concepts in the highly specialized fertilizer industry and explained topics on bentonite sulfur fertilizer to fertilizer retailers, Keg River customers and the general viewing audience.

Case Studies

Client: Everbrave Branding Group Ltd.

Purpose: To describe the reasoning behind a new brand logo as created by the creative director, I was required to write an articulate, descriptive and convincing justification of the logo and new brand identity for mental health company Togetherall. I explained the visual choices made through compelling, concise copy that outlined each element of the logo including colours, shapes, text formatting and more. Put plainly, I explained why the new brand created by Everbrave was the best possible choice for the client.

Brand Personas

For confidentiality, examples cannot be published.

Client: MasterBUILT Hotel Developers & Managers

Purpose: I was tasked with researching and writing brand personas that would serve as highly detailed demographic subsections that the company would target with their marketing. Each persona was heavily detailed, researched and documented so the company could distribute the persona material to their marketing department and other interrelated teams as a vital internal resource.

Social Media Playbook

For confidentiality, examples cannot be published.

Client: Everbrave Branding Group Ltd.

Purpose: I created the Social Media Playbook that Everbrave Branding Group Ltd. would consult, utilize and distribute to employees for all company social media usage. The playbook included everything an employee would need to know about using the social accounts of the company. This included keeping in consistency with the brand tone-of-voice, identity and general social media operating formalities expected by the company.


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